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Book and eBook Design

15032592Publish to Get Clients provides a full range of design services for authors – from cover and interior book design to helping design the web site for your book to creating marketing and promotional collateral for you, including logos, brochures, email blasts, flyers, and other corollary items your book marketing might require.


Your book’s cover is as important to your success as Renoir choosing the right shade of blue in one of his paintings or Frank Lloyd Wright choosing an 87.5 degree angle on one of his masterful buildings. Your cover has to attract readers like a magnet, drawing in their eye and their curiosity. We are skilled in creating breathtakingly beautiful, poignantly powerful, and unquestionably unique book covers. I involve you every step of the way, designing between 2 and 4 covers in an initial presentation for you to choose from, then perfecting the final choice.


Today’s authors need a web site. It can be the author’s personal web site or a separate URL dedicated to your book. Either way, it serves as the location where readers can get information about your book, read reviews and testimonials, download a sample chapter, and even purchase it directly from you or link to Amazon. I can provide web site strategic planning and design services for you to ensure you are supporting and promoting your book as effectively as possible.


Few books can stand alone in this world, catching on in the public’s mind with no promotion or marketing. Quite the contrary. Today’s authors need to produce a variety of marketing collateral, including flyers, brochures, postcards, bookmarks, T-shirts, calendars, and many other items to promote their book. Our design services can help here – whatever collateral you decide is best to support your book’s promotion, we are ready to design and publish or create for you.