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Write a Book with Bestseller Potential Package

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Do you believe you have a BIG idea that deserves a national audience?  Do you want to create an entire PLATFORM on which to build your reputation, credibility, and a large income stream not just from book sales, but from speaking engagements, consulting work, and other opportunities that major authors can earn?

If so, this is your chance to work with a true publishing professional who offers you his decades of experience with major publishing companies. I have helped scores of authors publish bestselling books in their markets.  My authors include some of the top names in the fields of management, leadership, creativity, and business.

The Write a National Bestseller Package includes:

1.  A personalized one-day strategy, book development, and mapping session with you to analyze your ideas and optimize them to create a solid platform for your message.  This is a combination “author branding” strategy session and book planning meeting.

2. 1 hour of coaching each time you start a new chapter, up to 10 chapters. This coaching will help you feel confident when you sit down to write the chapter.

3.  An editorial review of every chapter you write, including editing to improve the chapter.

4.  Three book cover design options for you to choose from.  Once you choose your best cover, we will perfect the design and print out a copy for you. We will design your  cover early in the process so you can see your cover in front of you, and use it as motivation to write your book.

5.  Complete book interior design and layout of your book, up to 180 pages.

6.  Publishing your book on Amazon’s CreateSpace, using print-on-demand publishing.  Your book will be immediately listed on Amazon where your market will be able to purchase it.  You can purchase your own copies directly from Amazon as well.

Fees:  $8000 to $15,000, depending on the content of your book and the final length.  Please contact me for a customized estimate for your project.  

Add-On Option:  I will ghostwrite your book for you.   Fees for ghostwriting vary based on complexity and length.  See our Ghostwriting section.