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Overview of How We Get You Published


I specialize in working with professionals, executives entrepreneurs, and visionary thinkers who have a burning desire to write a book and a strong message or story to convey to the world. If you are one of these people, I can get you published within 3 to 9 months.  


My forte is helping authors of non-fiction in any genre: self-help, business, leadership, social change, health, psychology, human potential, memoir, and anything else new under the sun. I can help authors produce state of the art print books, eBooks and video books. I am eager to talk to you about your project and how I can offer my expertise to contribute to your success as an author.We are full-service company, providing resources to authors in every aspect of publishing, including:

  • idea or concept development
  • outlining your book chapters
  • coaching you in writing your book
  • ghostwriting your book
  • developmental editing of your manuscript for content improvement
  • line editing and copyediting
  • designing your book cover and interior
  • book layout and unique design elements
  • helping you with your marketing and promotion plans, 
  • advising you on social media marketing, and
  • determining your best distribution methods.

I offer a wide range of editing, coaching, writing, and design services, including:

  • Book Development — If you have an idea for a book, but are lost in figuring out how to organize the contents, how to frame the chapters, and in what sequence to explain your ideas, you will want to talk to me. My strength is in helping authors right from the beginning of their project, when they have the seed of a book idea, yet do not know how to turn it into a well-organized book.
  • Editing — I provide a full range of editorial services, including developmental editing, copyediting, and proofing.  My prices are completely competitive with other companies, including CreateSpace.
  • Coaching you to write your own book and self-publish it — I offer three programs to teach you how to write your own book or eBook. If you believe you have the energy and time to do the writing, we can show you how to write your book efficiently and effectively. We will coach you in the process of book writing, including how to structure your ideas into book chapters that make sense, and how to write captivating prose that people want to read. We can then help you self-publish your book. Gone are the days when self-publishing is referred to as ‘vanity’ publishing. Today there are many valid reasons to self-publish–and it has become the preferred method of publishing for many new authors.

Read about my three different Write Your Book in About a Month Programs. They vary depending on how much support you want: 1) Book structure and organizational thinking; 2) Just Basic book coaching;  3) a Higher Level of Editorial Support; or 4) The Total Package Fast Track Program, which includes coaching, editing, designing your book, and getting it published for you using Amazon’s CreateSpace.

  • Traditional Publishing with a Mainstream Publisher — If you prefer not to self-publish but to get an agent and a mainstream publishing company, I have extensive experience and a gold track record in helping authors prepare winning book proposals.
  • Book Design Services –– If you already have your manuscript completed and edited, my team provides a full range of design services for authors – from cover and interior book design to helping design the web site for your book to creating marketing and promotional collateral for you, including logos, brochures, email blasts, flyers, and corollary items your book might require. See the Book Design services page.
  • Ghostwriting Services — I can assist you in getting your book done by ghostwriting it entirely for you. Rick Benzel is a noted and highly respected ghostwriter who has ghosted 15 books for authors in his career.
  • Article Writing Services — If you want to get your name out there quickly and easily, one option is to write a short “thought leadership paper” that you can use as a “free givewaway” off your web site or that you submit to publications.  I can help you produce a 3-5 page intelligent, well-written thought leadership paper, completely designed and published as a PDF or in electronic ebook format.

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