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Write a Book in About a Month Programs

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Having a book or eBook is the new calling card for entrepreneurs, consultants,

coaches, and small businesses.

You do not need to take six months or a full year out of your life to write a 200-page book to achieve the results you need to enhance your reputation and credibility, and attract clients to your business. Instead, you want to write a first-class short book, anywhere from 80 to 150 pages.  In today’s world, this makes more sense anyway. People want to read books, but they don’t want to spend days on just one author’s book. It is clear that audiences today want shorter books, so why not give them what they want?


My programs teach you how to write a GREAT short book or eBook in about one month or two. You can choose between three programs:

  • One-Day In-Person Book Development Meeting 
  • 1 or 2 Month Editorial Support Program
  • Total Package – Editorial, Design, and Publishing


One-Day In-Person Comprehensive Book Development Meeting: $1000 plus travel expenses if needed  

In this one-day in-person meeting, I work closely with you to assess your book concept, evaluate how it compares to other books on the market, and help you figure out the best organizational structure and chapter configuration for your book. If you have been lost in trying to take your idea and transform it into a book, this is the foundational meeting you need.  By the end of the day, I will have helped you nail down exactly what your book is about, who the audience is, what your content should contain chapter-by-chapter, and what potential your book will have.  The outcome of this day is a Table of Contents to guide you so you can literally start writing, knowing which ideas to explain in each chapter.  I have helped dozens of authors in this “pull-the-book-out-of-you meeting, and I can assure you that you will be relieved and thankful that you hired me to finally help you get a clear vision of your book so that you can move forward writing it yourself.


One or Two-Month Editorial Support Program:  $3495 – $3995

The above One-day Development Meeting, PLUS additional expert editorial support as follows:

1. A one-hour call each week of one month to check in on your writing progress, answer any questions, and read any material you want feedback on. ($3995 for two months).

2. A professional review and edit of your manuscript up to 2 days of time. With this, you will know if your manuscript is ready for publishing or if you need to go back and do some revising to get it ready to publish.

Optional: A review of your 2nd draft can be purchased for extra fees.  This review will aim to help you finalize the manuscript so you can move forward to design and publishing it on your own.


The Total Package: Editorial, Design & Publishing — $9995 to $14,995

If you want to go from zero to 60 in becoming the author of a book, you will want our Total Package. This is the all-inclusive package for someone who wants to get results once they sign up to the program. This package will motivate you to get your book done, because it includes nearly everything you need to be published. The final fee depends on your book’s complexity and length, so call me for a more precise estimate: 

Planning Sessions and Coaching 

1. A one-day book development and personal strategy planning session, with me. This conversation will explain how to hone your best ideas and transform them into the chapters of a book.  We will review the 12 primary organizing structures of books and help you choose the best one for your topic and audience. Your organizational structure needs to maximize your message and be better than the competing books. This two-hour planning session will ensure you come out a winner. This information is unique, and is not taught by any other editor or writing coach. It is based on the professional experience acquired by Rick Benzel over his 40+ year career in publishing. This information is perhaps the most valuable guidance you will find among writing coaches, and it is only available through Rick.

2. A follow up 1-hour personal one-on-one phone conversation with you to review the outline you create for your book and answer your questions about the writing process.

3. A 1-hour personal coaching session to review your book title, subtitle, and outline. You will receive advice and expert coaching on these strategic elements to ensure your book captures your audience and hits the market running.

4. Four 30-minute coaching calls at your initiative to ask questions and get assistance.

Editing and Writing Guidance

1. A review and edit of your first 20 manuscript pages to ensure you are on the right track and to provide you with pointers on how to improve your writing style. Your pages will be returned to you with edits and comments.

2. A review and edit of your entire manuscript up to 3 days of time. With this, you will be ready to polish your manuscript and get it ready for publication. (If it needs further editing after this first draft, extra fees may need to be assessed.)

Design and Publishing 

1. Two book cover designs that you can choose from.  Once you choose the cover design you prefer, she works with you to perfect it.

2. Complete layout and design of your book interior up to 120 pages. (Extra fees for longer books.)

3.  Uploading and supervising of the publication process for your book on Amazon’s print-on-demand paperback book production company, CreateSpace, and as an eBook on Kindle.

The Total Package Program ensures that you will produce a first-class, high quality book that you will be proud to sell and promote to attract the media and clients. 

If your name is on it, I want it to be great.