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If you have ever thought about writing a book– yet know that you can benefit from having a ghostwriter work with you, you want to talk to Rick.  He has ghosted more than 15 books for authors of all kinds–consultants, professors, executives, CEOs, doctors, and coaches.

Rick Benzel has been ghostwriting for 15 years — and he completely understands why people who want to have a book need to hire him.  He understands the “author’s dilemma” of wanting to write the book himself or herself, yet knowing that a ghostwriter could help.  Rick is sensitive to the trust that an author needs when hiring a ghostwriter — trust that he will do a great job, trust that he will maintain the confidentiality of having written the book for the author, and trust that he will work hard to make the book a success for the author.

If you are uncertain about whether or not hiring a ghostwriter is the best option for you, read The 7 Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter.