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The 80/20 Book

We have the newest twist on ghostwriting — the secret to making an author feel comfortable and participatory in getting his or her book done, while hiring a top-notch ghostwriter.

We call it The 80/20 Book.  

We do 80% of the work and you do 20%.  

Here’s how it works:

YOU do 20% of the work

We sit with you to capture your BIG idea and discuss how it translates into a book. We help you strategize your book concept and transform it into the chapters of a highly marketable book.  We then interview you, chapter by chapter, to gather your content ideas.  We record the interviews and use that to help us write the book for you.

WE do 80% of the work

We take the content you provided us during the interviews and we write a super high-quality first draft of your book.  We imitate your language and your writing style.  We supply you with this first draft, and all you need to do is to edit any section where you have changes to make or comments.  We then return home and produce a 2nd draft for you, ready to be published and having been created through a careful editorial process that respects your ideas and your persona as an author.

The 80/20 Book is our exclusive methodology for ghostwriting books where the author wants to play a role, but does not have the time or the skills to do it all.

Contact us and see how we can help you write and publish your book–painlessly, flawlessly, and in a short amount of time with a reasonable price.