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Other Services

We offer numerous other services related to helping leaders and visionary thinkers develop and maximize their intellectual property. 

  • Workshop or Retreat Development –– We can help an author develop a complete workshop business out of your book. We work with you to determine the content flow from the book that is most adaptable to a workshop, then help you create a viable workshop or retreat that you can offer to your clients.
  • Marketing and PR using Social Media — We partner with a specialist in social media who helps authors understand and use the essential tools of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and blogging to create buzz and draw potential buyers to their book and / or to the business.
  • Inspiration Tours We offer a unique 1-Day inspiration workshop for anyone facing a creative-problem solving crisis.  Rick Benzel is the founder of The Creativity Coaching Association and is a certified Creativity Coach.
  • Writing Retreats — We offer an intensive, but fun 3-day writing retreat in Santa Barbara Wine Country that shows you how to write your book. We can conduct this retreat in other locations as well.